Terms of Service

As a general guide, once receiving your order do the following:

  • Open the package, inspect for missing items and report anything missing within 7 days
  • Plug in and test PCBs for any defects and report within 15 days. 
  • Check switches for defects and report any issues within 15 days.
  • Check your keycaps for warping and other defects and report issues within 15 days.
  • Email support@shockport.com as soon as possible in any case. We do not take support requests over facebook, instagram, reddit, or any other social media. 

These terms below represent the terms under which after sales support will be provided.  We will always do our best to support you as well as we can; however, outside of the guidelines above that support becomes difficult. We encourage you to follow the guidelines above so that we can provide the best experience.

By placing an order you agree to the following terms.

  1. Once an order is marked fulfilled, shipping paid by you the customer is non-refundable. If the order ships for free or flat rate shipping, an adjusted restocking fee may be applied to any refund cover our shipping costs. The return shipping cost of a return is also the customer's sole responsibility.
  2. Once an order is fulfilled, route insurance is non refundable.
  3. Once an order is paid, if cancelled before it is  fulfilled, a 3% fee will be deducted from the refund to cover Shopify transaction costs.
  4. Any package that is lost, stolen, damaged or otherwise not received and that is not covered by route insurance is the responsibility of the customer to remedy. Please ensure the route shipping insurance is always turned on for your order. We will do our best to help, but without route insurance our options are very limited.
  5. Any untracked package that is lost or damaged is non-refundable.
  6. You have 15 days after the order is received to report any defects and 7 days to report missing items. After that period, support may only be provided by the part manufacturer at their discretion.
  7. Once a Group Buy has ended, your order cannot be canceled or refunded. If you need to update your address please inform us ahead of fulfillment.
Specific Items may fall under more than one category. If two or more policies overlap, choose the more restrictive of the two.

Switches and other small parts (like Mill-max)

  1. Switches are generally non-returnable and only refundable in the case of manufacturing defects.
  2. Switches that are missing will be refunded at the rate they were purchased at. We recommend you order more switches than you need in case pins break during installation or  are miscounted. 
  3. We do not provide refunds for bent pins, or scratchier motion. Pins are checked before packing. If you have switches that are unusable please place a route insurance claim.
  4. Switches are non refundable on the basis of preference or quality. If you have concerns please let support know.


  1. Any PCB with missing components (such as hot swap sockets, diodes, resistors, etc.) are damaged and not defective. If you believe the damage occurred during shipping please file a claim with Route. 
  2. Any dead keys should be reported within 15 days of receiving the item.  


  • Minor surface imperfections and scratches on the interior of the case are normal and not accepted for warranty refunds.